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FIFA World Cup officials ignoring crime, piles of junk, filth in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg, Apr.18 (ANI): South Africa maybe preparing for the greatest football show on earth, the FIFA World Cup, which is just 53 days away, but officials associated with the event appear to have turned a blind eye to the high level of crime, piles of junk and filth near Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium.

According to News of the World, the northern tip of Johannesburg has South Africa's most notorious shantytown where whites and even cops dare not go.

Instead vicious vigilante justice is meted out to criminals daily while the honest population fight for survival like feral beasts in filthy squalor and hopeless destitution.

It quoted Police Sergeant Ma Ramasodi, as saying: "We have crime here every day. There are rapes, murders, assaults, robberies, hijackings. You name it, we have it. We can't go into parts of Diepsloot because we'll be killed."

According to News of The World, life here is cheap. Victims of crime usually bear their losses in silence. If a suspect is identified, victims usually inform vigilante groups or hire their own thugs to sort it.

People here feel let down by the justice system. Even their own president Jacob Zuma said people "cannot be blamed if they take the law into their own hands".

The kangaroo court system is basic and their punishments horrific.

Unsurprisingly, crime is expected to rise during the World Cup. And the Johannesburg police are taking no chances - they are stepping up their presence in Diepsloot next month in a bid to pen the population inside the razor wire and stop opportunists getting into the city to target rich fans. (ANI)

Story first published: Sunday, April 18, 2010, 13:14 [IST]
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