I'm A Celeb reality show bosses kick Gazza out, replace him with ex-wife

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London, Oct.24 (ANI): I'm A Celeb bosses kicked ex-England football star Paul Gascoigne out of the show last night, and replaced him with his ex-wife Sheryl in the telly jungle show, The Daily Mail reports.

The England football legend, 42, had been desperate to land a slot on the reality show next month.

Gascoigne a.k.a Gazza has already kicked back Sheryl for claiming that he forced her for "sex ten times a day", insisting that she used him to get money.

In an interview with the News of the World, he snarled: "Sheryl might want me dead, but she won't get my cash - nothing.

"She'll be gutted to know that this week I changed my will. That will hurt her more than anything."

Turning Sheryl"s claim on its head, he said she was the one who demanded that he miss a flight so that they could have sex.

Not just them, Gazza alleges that his ex-missus wanted new clothes before saying yes to making love.

He says she threw away thousands of pounds earned by him on her cosmetic surgery.

He also blames her for mentally abusing him all through their relationship.

The 42-year-old footie said: "Sheryl is like a sore that won't go away.... She keeps picking away at me.

"Her whole career has been about making money out of me. If she hates me so much, why is she still calling herself Sheryl Gascoigne?

"I want everyone to know she is a clever, conniving girl. She"s got more tricks than Paul Daniels!"

Gazza believes Sheryl is doing all she can to "ruin" him.

He said: "I did things in the past which I bitterly regret. They were a long time ago, but Sheryl won"t move on and is doing her best to ruin me.

"Everyone knows I"ve been to hell and back and have not been in a good place for a long time. So why attack me again now?

"She has abused me over and over again and I"m so ****ing scared to have another woman in my life - for the fear that she"d turn out to be a bitch like Sheryl."

Refuting Sheryl"s allegations of forcibly having sex her, he said: "I would never force any woman to have sex with me.

"Sheryl is saying that to make money, to sell her book. She has implied that I raped her. And for what? For money! It"s revolting."

And, he reveals how desperately Sheryl wanted sex.

Recalling his days with Italian side Lazio he said: "I was at Heathrow ready to board a plane for Italy, when she called and begged me to come home for sex.

"I had to go back and we did it on the living room floor.

"Is that a woman who was forced into having sex? No!"

Gazza laughed off the claims of having sex ten times a day and said: "Hah! What a joke. If only I could manage it that many times.

"I had lot of stamina when I was a footballer but not that much."

Talking about being abused by Sheryl he said: "I"ve taken years of abuse from her - the sort that would have killed a weaker man. I remember lying in hospital with my injured knee and Sheryl was in the room. Suddenly I had a panic attack - I truly thought I was going to die, I couldn"t breath.

"What did she do? She laughed at me. She thought it was funny, but it was cruel. That is how much she really cared about me.

"With her, it"s been one attack after another - always with a big fat cheque waiting for her at the end."(ANI)

Story first published: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 16:07 [IST]
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