"Tiger Woods' Masters win a possibility"

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Washington, Apr 4 (ANI): Connell Barrett, Editor at Large of the Sports Illustrated Golf Group, thinks there's a very strong possibility that Tiger Woods will win at the Masters.

After a self-imposed five-month hiatus, the world's greatest golfer will be returning to the golf course - a hiatus brought on by the sex scandal that consumed his life.

While on "The Early Show Saturday Edition," Barrett told CBS News' Rebecca Jarvis, "It's gonna be an absolute circus outside the gates of Augusta. It's gonna be like Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey. ... Everybody but the fat lady is gonna be there."

And when asked if Woods will get booed, he replied: "At any other event, that might happen. But the reason Tiger is returning at Augusta is because it's the most tightly-controlled golf tournament in the world. It's like a cocoon. He's entering a very safe place that is very tightly-controlled.

"At Augusta National, you can't run on the grounds without being asked to leave. So, if you try to boo Tiger, you're gonna be ushered out the front door before you can finish the word 'boo."

Barrett says "we're gonna find out" whether the media throng affects Woods.

"Tiger is the greatest I've ever seen at compartmentalizing his personal life and his professional life. He's able to focus on hitting a golf ball. He used to say, 'When I'm on the course, it's just me and the little white ball.'

"But now, we're gonna see what Tiger's like when he realizes that the world is watching not to see him play golf, but to see if he has fallen as a golfer the same way he's fallen as a husband and father.

"We're hearing that he's practicing a lot. And if Tiger Woods is coming back to golf, the only reason he's doing it is because he thinks he has a chance to win. Is he gonna be at his best? Is he gonna be rusty? He'll definitely be rusty. But Tiger's the only player who can win a golf tournament with his C-plus game, not just his A-plus game. So we could see him win next week. It's very possible," he adds.

"Everybody loves a winner," Barrett replied. "His image, that we used to know, is gone. He'll never be the same Tiger Woods, but if he wins next week, we might see some sponsors (who dropped him after the scandal broke) return, and we'll see a very dramatic storyline play out-Tiger Woods back-still better than ever." (ANI)

Story first published: Sunday, April 4, 2010, 12:42 [IST]
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