Rio Olympics: Meet the 'condom men' at Athletes Village

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Rio de Janeiro, Aug 12: Lending a helping hand to the "steamy affairs" at the Rio Olympics village are the 'condom men'.

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Clad in green tees and carrying a big sack of condoms, these men are tasked with refilling the numerous latex vending machines installed across the games village or handing them out to the athletes.

Rio Olympics: Meet the 'condom men' at Athletes Village

Circulating pictures of Eduardo Fonseca and Eric - two of the condom delivery men - social media has been going crazy over them, coming out with comments from the nasty to downright hilarious.

If some hailed them as superheroes, quipping "not all superheroes wear capes" others have panned them for their "bizarre" job.

"Better safe than sorry - we don't want any RIO babies running up and down," is perhaps the most hilarious of them all.

Hair raising stuff at Rio

Followed by billions across the globe, sportstars have always been constant newsmakers for their hairdos - be it the wackiest or the trendiest.

One such is Zimbabwean woman footballer Marjory Nyaumwe who has been given a "gold medal" by the social media for the "hairstyle of the Rio Games".

While her team failed to create ripples on the field, the 29-year-old midfielder is now a darling on social networks for her spectacular hairstyle comprising tentacle-like appendages protruding from her scalp.

"Give this Zimbabwe soccer player a gold medal for her hair" many users tweeted.

Another hairdo attracting lot of attention is the 'man bun' sported by British gymnast Louis Smith.

In fact many fans have now been blaming his hairstyle for Smith's slip-up at the Rio that cost the British team a bronze medal.

"There is a direct correlation between Louis Smith messing up our medal in the gymnastics and sporting a man bun #BanTheBun", said a twitter user.

"I blame it on Louis Smith's man bun, completely put him off balance," said another.

You look like a penguin!

Former British gold medallist and popular Rio commentator Rebecca Adlington found herself at the wrong end of the fashion police when her black, white and purple blouse attracted nasty remarks, with many on Twitter comparing her to a penguin.

Adlington, who has been getting rave review for her outfits so far, was panned for sporting the "penguin dress".

But the champion swimmer proved she is as good a sport out of the pool as in, posting a funny video of her waddling and pouting like a penguin.

Her quirky reply quickly won over her critics.

'I love @BeckAdlington's sense of humour! This made my night! Thanks for the reply," tweeted one.


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