Gregory King appointed Chennai Super Kings trainer

Bengaluru, January 8: Former India team trainer Gregory King appointed as trainer of the Chennai Super Kings after having been a part of the team's support staff over the first eight seasons.

"Working with the players, coaches, support staff and owners at CSK has always been a fantastic experience. I have met and worked with some amazing people in the time that I have been involved with CSK," said King who was a part of the Chennai Super Kings in the first eight seasons.

"Being part of CSK has always felt like being part of a family. We have had many great memories over the first eight years. The IPL is an exciting competition and it is great to be a part of it," he said.

CSK won the IPL twice, finished runners-up on four occasions and qualified to the Playoffs in all eight seasons between 2008 and 2015.

"Looking ahead I am excited for what the next season will hold. I am also looking forward to getting back with old friends and having a great season with new and old faces. The first eight years we had some great results and many great performances. I am looking forward to the return of the Lions," he said.

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