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Jon Moxley f.k.a. Dean Ambrose reveals toxic working environment in WWE

By Raja
Jon Moxley quit WWE to join All Elite! (image courtesy Twitter)

Bengaluru, May 30: There is a lot going on around the pro-wrestling industry with the headliner being a heated beef between World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion.

The two promos have entered a so-called war as the new company is here to ruin the day for the world’s largest wrestling promotion. Their first pay-per-view event named Double or Nothing was a huge success as it witnessed a significant end where former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose joined their roster as Jon Moxley.

With that recruitment, AEW has snatched one of the most popular characters created by the WWE and it was a massive statement by the new promo. Now the former hardcore veteran Jon Moxley has sent the fans into a frenzy by taking shots at his previous employers, especially Vince McMahon who according to Moxley is killing 'wrestling aspects’ in the WWE.

Jon Moxley f.k.a Dean Ambrose sat down for an interview with Chris Jericho in his Talk is Jericho podcast to spit out fire. He spoke in-depth about the creative problem in the company alongside the fact that they do not let the stars to wrestle freely. Additionally, they don’t allow talents to cut promos on their own, over-script those and ultimately try to suppress the original characteristics of that particular superstar.

Check out the statements from Jon Moxley, (courtesy

"They take wrestling away from you. Wrestling is my first love and my only love besides my wife. It's the thing I'm most passionate about, I love it. I feel like I got it back finally. Since I was a little kid, I was always watching tapes, always thinking of promos. I wanted to watch all the wrestling, I loved pacing around the house thinking of promos, waking up in the middle of the night and just thinking of a cool line or a way to tell the story of a match.

Promos used to be my favorite part of wrestling. I loved it! They ended up becoming my least favorite part, the part I dread. Because now it's not me coming up with ideas and coming up with ways for me to hook you into our story, it means me trying not to look like an idiot... Sitting down with a writer, that is not how it is supposed to be!"

The Lunatic Fringe of the WWE recollected how things went out of hands for him. He was out of action for over six months after suffering a shoulder injury back in December 2017. He was nearing a return in 2018 summer and wanted to go full-villain just because he wanted to do something different. It was a fact that the babyface Dean Ambrose character had already become stale as WWE treated him only as a helping hand for his Shield brethren, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Vince McMahon rejected the idea as WWE already booked The Shield in a match for WWE Super Show-Down in Australia around October 2018. Check out the below comments where he emphasized the fact on how he hated to work with Vince McMahon and did not want to come back to WWE,

"I was so excited to come back to wrestling, but I was not excited to come back to WWE," Moxley said. "I was picturing myself in other places, I was picturing myself coming back to like CZW. I was picturing myself in Japan. Anywhere but WWE.”

"My particular type of charisma, Vince (McMahon) just can't just let me be. He's got to put a hat on me or put me in a goofy vehicle. For whatever reason, I and Vince are like Mentos and Diet Coke together, we just create this explosion of goofy nonsense that I detest."

Moxley continued that in his mind, he was already done with the WWE, a long time ago. But it was the contract that was forcing him to go on shows after shows. Finally, the time came in January around Royal Rumble that the officials informed him about presenting a new contract with a huge money deal. But the former WWE Champion did not hesitate to decline it and confirmed that he's gone as soon as his contract expires.

WWE’s Lunatic Fringe was irate about the fact that the company "takes away something that you love" and so never bothered to take a look at the presented contract, at all. He went on to blast the company’s creative by saying that they take away a talent’s promo as they have their own writers. Plus, it’s the producers that bar wrestlers from doing cool things in a match and deprive the fans of intriguing storylines.

"I want to prove that (WWE's) creative process sucks," Moxley stated. "It does not work, it's absolutely terrible. I've said that to Vince, I've said that to Hunter, I've said that Michael Hayes. I can't even tell you how their system works, it's some kind of system of meetings that take place in Stamford, then there's a home team. There are writers and producers and production meetings and nobody knows what's approved and what's not.”

Finally, the Grand Slam Champion concluded this interview by saying that he is with AEW just to prove that Vince McMahon’s way of producing wrestling has become outdated. He believes that the new company is here to deliver the best product available out there and he will be the one to break the traditional ceiling glass put by WWE.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 12:58 [IST]
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