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WC 2015: Is Arvind Kejriwal the role model of ICC chief Mustafa Kamal?

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ICC president Mustafa Kamal's threat to quit over the umpiring error in Thursday's quarter-final match between India and Bangladesh has disgraced the international body more than what his wrong decision had done to Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar.

World Cup Special; Dear Bangladeshis, don't make so much of a fuss

Kamal, a Bangladeshi, said after his country lost the match by 109 runs that he would raise the issue at the ICC's next meeting and also alleged that the umpires' decisions could be pre-arranged. He even mocked the ICC as the "Indian Cricket Council".


Mustafa Kamal reminds one of Arvind Kejriwal

Such an irresponsible remark from the chief of the ICC just because his own country has lost a cricket match reminds one of Arvind Kejriwal, the current chief minister of Delhi, who had beaten all limits of logic to protest against the government as a chief minister in 2014!

Kejriwal to Kamal: Fighting against their own posts

During his first stint as the chief minister, Kejriwal had taken to the streets demanding complete control on the police and even threatened to jeopardise the Republic Day celebration last year.

Such an anarchical stand by a constitutional post-holder had taken every quarter aback. Kejriwal though didn't ultimately disrupt the R-Day celebration, but he had spent a day on the street along with some of his cabinet ministers to protest. His Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) finally quit power in Delhi after 49 days which had earned activist-politician Kejriwal the name of AK49.

By this logic, the ICC will need a chief from a non-cricketing country

The ICC president's threat to quit his post because Bangladesh has lost a cricket match looks equally menacing. If every incumbent of that post starts seeing things from a nationalist perspective, then one is afraid the ICC will cease to function one day. Will then inviting an incumbent from a non-cricketing nation be the option to run the show?

ICC chief was little moved when Zimbabwe were knocked out by poor umpiring decisions

The ICC chief didn't speak with the same intensity when Zimbabwe fell victim to a string of poor umpiring decisions against the West Indies or Ireland and had to bow out of the tournament. All his sense of righteousness became active once Bangladesh were knocked out of the tournament because of some poor cricket.

India dominating cricket world: Oh really? Mustafa Kamal learned it yesterday

The logic that India is dominating the cricketing world now doesn't stand in this case because it is something which hasn't started yesterday. If the Bangladeshis are so worried about India dominating the cricketing world, why do they allow their players to participate in the Indian Premier League or organise their own leagues on lines of the IPL?

Sorry Mr Kamaal, you can not make such irresponsible comment as the president of the ICC. If the jingoist in you eclipses the high post you are holding, then the day is not far when there will be more controversies than balls bowled in a cricket match.

The threat to resign looks ugly but one thinks Kamaal will do a world of good to cricket if he indeed steps down and makes way for a sane mind.

Story first published: Friday, March 20, 2015, 14:11 [IST]
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