World Cup 2015: Why Jihadis hate cricket?

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The world cup frenzy is sure catching up in all cricket-playing nations. While the anticipation is high and excitement levels on a frenzied pitch, there are however a group of people who are not entirely happy.

The Jihadis or the so-called protectors of Islam have once again gone on to issue rules and regulations to their fighters on how to target the cricket and why the game is a bad idea for those fighting the "holy war."

Why Jihadis hate cricket?

Wasting an entire day:

A privately circulated magazine published by the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) has fumed against the frenzy. The question posed by them is that citizens have a day to waste on cricket, but no time to wage Jihad.

Terming the game as anti-Islam as it had emerged from the West, the magazine called the Zarb-e-Tayiba states that Jihad should be the religion and not cricket.

The magazine particularly speaks to the Pakistanis where cricket is followed like a religion. There is absolute discontentment in the manner in which the Pakistanis and also their probable recruits from India are following the game.

There is a need to put an end to this frenzy and time should be utilized in a better way. There are issues that concern our religion and it is under threat. Drop the bats and pick up the swords is what the LeT has to say.

Suicide for cricket:

The Lashkar also states that it is appalled at the manner in which people commit suicide when a team loses a game. Will you commit suicide if one of our men loses his life battling in Kashmir, the outfit further asks.

The outfit further goes on to add that cricket has become like an intoxicant. Why should cricket give you a high? Jihad is much more important than a game which has been thrust upon us by the West, the LeT also states.

Further the write up also goes on to condemn those people who take a holiday from work to watch a match. We have made so many calls for jihad, but has anyone taken a day off from work and joined us, the article also states.

Just a publicity stunt:

When the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Pakistan which led to the ban on all international games in Pakistan, the motive was not Jihad. It was more to seek attention an officer in the Indian Intelligence Bureau states.

They seek attention by staging such attacks and later on give a Jihadi colour to it. Terrorist groups are aware of the kind of attention that cricket generates and attacking anything related to the game would give them the desired publicity, the officer also states.

Moreover, the LeT which speaks so much against the game is also aware that its primary funder, Dawood Ibrahim makes a living out of cricket. He is the one who runs the most powerful and dangerous betting syndicate in the world and the name of the syndicate has cropped up in every cricket betting or fixing scandal.

Story first published: Friday, February 13, 2015, 12:05 [IST]
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