Top 15 WWE Action Figures Of All Time! Do You Really Know Them?

By: Rohit VH
Action figures of WWE stars

Bengaluru, November 13: The children who grew up watching professional wrestling in form of WWF (WWE now) are now presumably parents. Even though they are grown-ups, they know WWE is a narrator who told them the most interesting stories.

Children or grown-ups, who doesn't have a favorite wrestler now! Since the mid-1980s, WWE has ventured into films, music, video games, product licensing and direct product sales to raise its revenue. But its most important initiative, the one which gave color the audience's imagination, was undeniably toys. The action figures of WWE wrestlers still evoke beautiful memories from our childhood days.

They may seem like a rubbery-plastic made but in the right hands, they have the potential to be real! Check out these top 15 WWE action figures of all time that continue to find a place in children's toy collections.

#15. Vince McMahon (1987)

Vince McMahon

#14. Trish Stratus (2009)

Trish Stratus

#13. John Cena (2013)

John Cena

#12. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (2011)

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

#11. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1993)

Randy Savage (left)

#10. Bret Hart (1987)

Bret Hart

#9. King Sheamus (2011)


#8. The Ultimate Warrior (2013)

The Ultimate Warrior (left)

#7. Jesse Ventura (2009)

Jesse Ventura

#6. Miss Elizabeth (2013)

Miss Elizabeth

#5. Bam Bam Bigelow (2011)

Bam Bam Bigelow

#4. Kamala (2010)


#3. "American Made" Hulk Hogan (2006)

Hulk Hogan

#2. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (2010)

Randy Savage 2010 edition

#1. The Undertaker (2013)

The Undertaker
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